Our Story

For Sheila Blagg. Divorce had been a constant. Having had divorced parents since the age of two, and being raised by her single father, Sheila was almost destined to repeat the cycle.

While going through her divorce, Sheila realized that that there was a significant lack of resources to help guide her through the divorce process, provide the support and advice needed, and eventually help navigate the world of dating as a divorced mother; once she was ready to date that is. “I wanted to talk to people who had been there, who wouldn't judge or lay blame", said Sheila.

After years of research Sheila Blagg created Divorce Nation.Net. Divorce Nation.net is the first Social Networking website for separated or divorced individuals. With extensive experience dealing with separation, divorce, dating after divorce, blended families, and dealing with the stress of the ex's, Sheila knew she was the perfect person to come up with a platform to help others.

Divorce Nation.Net has become the go to website for anyone who is going through the motions of separation, divorce, and starting over.